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Short videos featuring the sanctity of human life
Manufacturer: Life Matters Worldwide
  1. Everywhere That Man Can Be (coordinates with the 2022 bulletin insert)
  2. Bring Your Children to Jesus (coordinates with the 2021 bulletin insert)
  3. Profiles in Courage (coordinates with the 2020 bulletin insert)
  4. Jesus is Mindful of a Severely Disabled Woman (coordinates with 2019 bulletin insert)
  5. Remember Your Creator (coordinates with the 2018 bulletin insert)
  6. The Image of God (coordinates with the 2017 bulletin insert)
  7. Brother's Keeper (coordinates with the 2016 bulletin insert)
  8. Defend Life (coordinates with the 2015 bulletin insert)
  9. Freedom in Christ (coordinates with the 2014 bulletin insert)
  10. Not a Person? (coordinates with the 2013 bulletin insert)
  11. The Cost of Abortion
  12. Pro-Life to the Core
  13. Pro-Life to the Core, children's version
  14. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
  15. A Call to Life
  16. Human Life is Sacred

Download one or all of our slideshows and other videos, which may be viewed on Vimeo. To download, select a video and click the 'Download' button.

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