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Annual Pastor's Handbook Update

2019 update -- free of charge
Manufacturer: Life Matters Worldwide

Each year we add something to our Fearfully & Wonderfully Made pastor's handbook, keeping it up-to-date. New pages are free of charge to pastors who already own the handbook binder.

This year's update includes an article about God's good design for sex and a skit for young people on the spiritual consequences of abortion.

The update is created as a downloadable file. You must be a registered user and be logged in to retrieve it. Once you've placed your order, click your username at the top of the catalog browser, click 'downloadable products' at left, and download the file. Print it, 3-hole punch it, and add it to your binder.

NOTE: As of today, the update available for download is 2018's; the 2019 update will be available later this year. Thank you for your patience!

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