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Our Mission

Life Matters Worldwide helps the Body of Christ articulate the biblical pro-life message in word and deed.

We want to see local churches all over the world engaged in compassionate sanctity of human life ministry as they fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Focus

THE LOCAL CHURCH: We create materials and ministry opportunities with local churches in mind. Contact us regarding speakers for worship services, classes and groups. Learn more about ministry opportunities, such as LIFT.

MISSIONARIES: We foster relationships with mission agencies in order to provide missionaries with training in pro-life ministries that enhance church planting efforts.

PREGNANCY CARE CENTERS: We establish and help sustain PCCs as effective Gospel outreaches, primarily through consultation and development/training resources, not through financial support. (Training and development materials are available to U.S. centers for purchase through this store, and to international centers by electronic download.)

To learn more, visit Life Matters Worldwide.